Have You Been Missold a SIPP Pension?

We will help you discover if you have been missold a pension.

We deal with a range of financial misselling matters, but one of the most devastating of these can be the advice that cost you all or part of your retirement savings.

An example of poor pension advice is the recommendation to transfer your private or workplace pension into a “Self-Invested Personal Pension” (SIPP).

A SIPP gives greater control over the choice of how your pension fund is invested, this is attractive for an experienced investor or finance professional, but of course carries great risks if you are not prepared or able to manage your own pension fund.

Get in touch now and we will be happy to assist in claiming back what is rightfully yours.
Many of types of investments are sold on a 'non-advised' basis.

This may have been made clear to you throughout the process, but we can still deal with your case if there is a possibility of misselling.

Advisers earn high fees and commissions from the sale of SIPPs and so it is of little surprise that many people have been advised to switch to them.

Sadly many of the advisers who encouraged people to move their pension funds are no longer trading, but this does not mean you cannot recover money you have lost as a result of their bad advice.

Some people are slowly discovering that the high returns they were promised never happened and much, if not all of their money has now disappeared.

Get in touch now and we will be happy to assist in claiming back what is rightfully yours.

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