What If The Guilty Party Is No Longer In Business?

Sadly many of the advisers from who our clients received advice are no longer trading, and so they cannot be pursued directly for compensation, but fortunately this does not stop you from claiming.

In these instances we can pursue your claim through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

The FSCS was set up in 2001 under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, and operates as the UK's compensation fund of last resort for customers of authorised financial services firms. They will step in where firms are unable to pay claims against it, usually because they have ceased trading or been declared in default, and if they agree someone has been treated unfairly, they have the ability to pay compensation.

Might I Just Be Wasting My Time?

We only make strong and credible claims. If we consider you have no claim, we will advise you accordingly.

What If The Guilty Party Refuses To Pay?

We will take your case all the way to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

The FOS were set up by Parliament to resolve individual complaints between financial businesses and their customers.

If they decide someone has been treated unfairly, they have legal powers to put things right.

Who Completes The Paperwork?

We make the whole process as simple and hassle-free as possible. We deal with all form filling on your behalf.

Who Are The Team Behind Claim Fund UK?

Your claim will be handled by our solicitors who are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and follow a strict code of conduct (SRA reference number 629443). We are also registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) Registration Number: ZA188164.

Do You Charge Up-front Fees?

You can choose to fund your claim on a 'No Win, No Fee' basis; this means that when we take on your case there will be no financial risk to you. This ensures that you do not need to worry about your legal fees.

What Does No Win, No Fee Mean?

No win, no fee is an agreement you make with us so that you can claim compensation without worrying about any upfront legal fees.

Then if your compensation claim is unsuccessful, the no win no fee agreement states you will not have to pay us any money.

Therefore, you do not have to pay a penny if you lose your case - the no win, no fee arrangement takes the risk out of making a claim. There are no hidden charges and you will never be out of pocket.

How Might I Have Been Missold A SIPP Pension?

You were encouraged to invest your SIPP or SSAS pension into an unregulated investment

You were pressured into moving your pension

You did not understand the product you were advised on

You were advised to transfer your pension unnecessarily after a review

The high fees/exit fee of a SIPP were not explained

You invested too much, exceeding lifetime allowances, and paid a higher tax rate

You were advised to invest in a SIPP for tax avoidance

Your personal and financial circumstances were not considered

Your funds were used for a high risk venture without consent

You were unaware of how your money would be invested

You were not given any other options apart from a SIPP

You invested over half of your money into one investment

You were told that all the money would be returned

You have a problem with access or contact

You have reached an age where the product may have been unsuitable

What Type Of Services Did Companies Missell?

Missold Pension Agri Energy
Missold Pension Biofuel/Green Oil
Missold Pension Burial Plots
Missold Pension Cape Verde Schemes
Missold Pension Car Park Schemes
Missold Pension Carbon Credits
Missold Pension Chinese Stock
Missold Pension Coloured Diamonds
Missold Pension Eco Products
Missold Pension Eleysian Fuels
Missold Pension Environmental Products
Missold Pension Ethical Forestry
Missold Pension Farmland/Farming
Missold Pension Fruit Farming Projects
Missold Pension Global Forestry
Missold Pension Hotel Schemes
Missold Pension Land Schemes
Missold Pension Lending Schemes
Missold Pension Lifetime Settlements
Missold Pension Oil Fields
Missold Pension Overseas Property
Missold Pension Penny Shares
Missold Pension Property Bonds
Missold Pension Regeneration Projects
Missold Pension Storage Units/Pods
Missold Pension Student Halls Scheme
Missold Pension Venture Oils
Missold Pension Wine Investments
Missold Pension Woodland

What If I Have No Paperwork?

If the firm/network responsible for the advice or sale of product is still trading, we'll request documents under the data protection act, more commonly known as a DSAR (data subject access request).

There is sometimes a charge, but we will pay this. Companies are legally obliged to provide documents requested.